Making a Will

We can make sure your loved ones do not have the burden of trying to sort out your financial affairs by ensuring we provide the best advice and give the finest support. Therefore, when the time comes your assets can be distributed as per the terms of your will. We will ensure that your wishes are executed to the letter.

Will Registration – Your Guide To Your First Will And Why You Need One

Special Offer on a Lasting Power of Attorney  when we make your Will

We are offering you the opportunity to make two lasting powers of attorney for the price of one.  If you are interested in appointing an attorney to manage your financial affairs or your health and personal welfare if you become incapacitated then call us for free advice now or complete the contact form below. For more details please review our Will Writing Service by clicking here.

Lack of a Will (Intestacy)

Some people believe it can be expensive making a will but in fact, it is nowhere near as costly as it will be for your family if they have to apply for a grant of representation to be the administrator. This process takes time and in any event, the law will decide who inherits your estate because of the lack of a will (intestacy).

What happens if I die without a Will?

Mirror Wills

A ‘Mirror Will’, sometimes known as a ‘Joint Will’ is designed for couples with similar wishes to make almost identical wills, which allows them to do the following:

  • Appoint people they both trust to be their Executors who will deal with their estate              when they die
  • Name who they both wish to benefit from specific possessions or gifts
  • Name who will benefit from their estate
  • Appoint Guardians to look after their / any minor children


Do you know the Advantages Of Having a Mirror Will?

Is a Mirror will the best option for you?

Here at RG Solicitors, we can prepare a single or a mirrored will for you depending on your circumstances.

If you are looking for straight, honest advice on Wills and advice from a solicitor in Sidcup (Kent), Horsham (West Sussex) or York (Yorkshire). Call and speak to one of our friendly quotes team today.

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