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Divorce or Separation

We understand that the decision to separate is very traumatic and rarely straight forward. If you have children, we know that it can be even harder for you.  Your choice of lawyer at this time can make the difference between your separation being bearable or not.

We know that you will look for support in navigating your way to a more peaceful time ahead, and your choice of family lawyer is critical to achieving this.

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So, here are just four reasons why we think you will want to choose us to help YOU?

1. We are experts in this area of law. Not just in dealing with the law itself, but in understanding, with compassion, that this is about your family and your future.

2.We promise that you, and your children if you have them, will be our primary consideration in all legal advice that we give you.

3.Our lawyers are members of Resolution. That means we deal with matters in a constructive way which avoids conflict and reduces costs as much as we can. If agreement cannot be reached, we will support you with robust and effective legal advice.

4.We will guide and inform you on your options as to how to pay for your legal feesHere’s what we can help with:

How to make the first step:

Call us now and speak with our friendly family law team to make an appointment to come in and talk.

Our initial fixed fee one-hour consultation is just £60 + VAT (total £72).  You will come away from that first meeting with a clear idea of what happens next, and advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

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