Why RG

‘We care and we take the time to understand you and find out what will make you happy. We like getting to know our clients because this means we can do our best for them. Everyone is unique and has different needs. We don’t use a templated approach to legal work, we work the way you want us to.’ – Matt Gillies, Partner

Our Customer Care Charter

People like being in control of their circumstances and like to know what’s happening. This simple concept lies at the heart of our Customer Care Charter. It’s our promise to look after you and to keep you informed – or your money back!

Same day replies are subject to our terms and conditions. Click here for full details.  All forms of correspondence are dealt with promptly and in order of arrival.

RG Plus

Moving house can be expensive which is why our RG+ gives you the confidence to make an offer.  We can give you up to £1,650 worth of ‘peace of mind’ should your purchase fall through.  We will cover the cost of a survey, mortgage valuation or arrangement fees on your first property.  We will even cover the cost of your searches on your next property, identical to the first set.

Click here to view RG Plus terms and conditions.