• What is an Interest-Only Mortgage?


      What is an interest only mortgage? An interest-only mortgage is a mortgage in which the borrower only pays back the interest on the mortgage through monthly payments, usually, this allows you to have cheaper monthly payments. Once your agreed term has ended you must either pay off the capital debt in full or pay […]

  • Conveyancing Association unveils new tips to avoid cyberfraud


    RG Solicitors, Jenny Offord comments on the new tips from The Conveyancing Association to help avoid cyber fraud. “The Conveyancing Association’s update of their Cyberfraud and Fraud Protocol looks to tackle the risks involved with modern technology that can affect conveyancing firms and their clients. The use of selfies for identification purposes might seem a bit novel […]

  • April 2018 – Changes to Inheritance Tax


    As of April 6th, those who own a home will face less inheritance tax when passing on their estate. However, there is still no change to the main exemption which is the first £325,00 of any estate, but the additional exemption for a property will rise from £100,00 to £125,00, resulting in a potential saving […]

  • RG comments on First Tier Property Tribunal decisions


    “It is unusual for First Tier Property Tribunal decisions to be reported upon in the national press.  However, in the wake of the Grenfell fire tragedy, the legal and financial repercussions for Lessees have been brought starkly into focus: The Guardian – Croydon residents to replace Grenfell style cladding Though the decision of the Tribunal does […]

  • International Women’s Day 2018


    The time has come around again, for us to celebrate women all over the world for all of there achievements. Just like many others, RG Solicitors celebrates today, a day that marks and recognises women whose social, economic, cultural and political achievements, that have changed the course of history and the world we live in […]

  • RG Solicitors works with local charity in York – Snappy


    RG Solicitors Tina Khan and Donata Crossfield recently visited a local charity in York, Snappy and joining the charities ‘Club 100’. SNAPPY (Special Needs Activities and Play Provision for York) seeks to maximise the personal development and provide good quality play and recreational opportunities for children and young people with special needs based in York. SNAPPY runs […]